1. Build email in newsletter template
  2. Prepare email list
  3. Send email in Lyris
    1. Login to Lyris
    2. Build and review email
    3. To edit or review the email
    4. Send the email

Build email in newsletter template

  1. Login: https://yoursite.carleton.ca/wp/wp-admin
  2. Hover over the Newsletter link in lefthand navigation and click Add Newsletter
  3. Give your email a title
  4. Click Custom and upload your banner (must be 768 x 336 pixels)
  5. Add a Header (optional)
  6. Add content to Text Area. You can type your newsletter directly into WordPress, or paste it in from another application such as Word.
  7. If you paste the content in: replace apostrophes, quotation marks, dollar signs and em dashes in wordpress (delete and re-add)
  8. Click Publish

Prepare email list

  1. Open up the list in Excel
  2. Delete all columns except email address
    • Make sure the column heading is: EMAILAddr_
  3. Save list as a CSV file (Click Save as or Export and save as csv file type)

Important: If you are prepping a list of more than 100,000 recipients you must contact the ITS Service desk first. Alternatively you can create a list of 50,000 – 100,000 recipients and then send your mailing to them, before removing that list and adding another list of the remaining 50-100k recipients.

Send email in Lyris

Login to Lyris

  1. Login: https://lists.carleton.ca/ with your email and password
  2. Make sure you are in the right list

Build and review email

  1. In another tab, visit the webpage for the email that you built in your website
  2. View the page source (right click)
  3. Copy all of the code into your clipboard
  4. In Lyris, click the home button and then click New Mailing (black button at top right)
  5. Click Disable the HTML editor
  6. Paste all of the source code into the HTML message area
  7. Add name and subject for email
  8. Click Save and test (bottom right)
  9. Enter email address and send
  10. Review email for errors and odd punctuation. Make sure links work correctly.

To edit or review the email

Go to Mailings > Approval > Need Approval and click in the ID of your email.

Send the email

  1. Once finalized and ready to send, go to: Mailings > Approval > Need Approval
  2. Click Send