1. Step by Steps
    1. Add an Event
    2. Pull an event listing onto a page
  2. Video Tutorial
    1. Transcript
  3. Try It Out!

An event post is useful for listing upcoming events. Here are examples of an event post and an event listing.

Step by Steps

Add an Event

  1. Add a new Event using the side or top menu.
  2. Enter a title for your event.
  3. Enter a blurb about the event in the text editor field
  4. Scroll down to the Event Content field:
    1. In the When and Where tab, add the date, start time and end time. If it is a multi-day event, enter the end date. Add the location of your event.
    2. In the Details tab you can include the cost of the event, intended audience, and the contact information of the main contact for the event
  5. Categorize your event post.
  6. Save, schedule, or publish the event.

Pull an event listing onto a page

  1. Add/Edit the page on which you would like to put an events listing.
  2. Click Insert Post Element.
  3. Click the List Events icon.
  4. Choose the category or categories of event you would like to list, or leave all the boxed unchecked to list all people.
  5. Click Insert Element.
  6. Update the page.

Video Tutorial


Try It Out!

Now that you have learned how to add an Event post, time to try it out!

  1. Add a new event and fill out the event details.
  2. Add your event to a “test” category and save your event.
  3. Add the event you just created to your test page.
  4. Save your test page.