1. Add a new File post type
  2. Upload a File
  3. Pull Files onto a Page

File post types are a good way to organize files (like pdfs). They can be easily replaced and the URL will not change/break.

Add a new File post type

  1. From the Main Navigation Panel, hover over Files.
  2. From the expanded menu, click Add File. 

Upload a File

  • Choose your file from hard drive or media library
  • Give it a title
  • Select file type (e.g., pdf)
  • Publish
  • Categorize by selecting existing or adding new category (optional)

Pull Files onto a Page

  1. Add/Edit the page on which you would like to list Files.
  2. Click Add Post Element located above the Content Editor.
  3. Click the List Files icon.
  4. Select which categories you would like to have placed on this particular page (optional).
  5. Click Insert Element.
  6. Publish or Update the page.

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