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  3. Your Dashboard
  4. Browser Recommendation

Log In

Carleton CMS website can be accessed from any device connected to the internet. Once you have been provided access to work with your website, you will be able to log in and begin editing.

  1. The log in URL for your website will be your site URL with /login added on (e.g., https://carleton.ca/yoursite/login).
  2. Carleton CMS authenticates against Carleton’s single sign-on system so after listing the login URL, you will be redirect to the a login screen at https://cas.carleton.ca/
  3. Enter your MyCarletonOne user name and password. This is the account you use to login to your Windows work computer.
  4. Click Log In.

Note: Because CMS uses single sign-on if you run multiple CMS sites you will be able to manage them all with only logging in once. For example, if you are already logged in to https://carleton.ca/yoursitea and visit https://carleton.ca/yoursiteb/login you will automatically be logged in without entering your credentials again.

Log Out

When you finish editing, it is important to log out, especially if you are working on a public computer.

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 9.47.49 AM

Click the Log Out button located at the upper right hand corner of the the Carleton CMS screen. This will automatically log you out and return you to the log in screen.

Your Dashboard

The dashboard acts as the main information area for your site. You may customize the dashboard by dragging and dropping each section on the screen, placing them into the desired position.

The left hand side is the dashboard navigation, which allows you to add several types of content, access your media files, and more.

Browser Recommendation

Carleton CMS is an online tool that is accessible through any modern web browser. For optimum performance standards and speed we recommend Google Chrome.


Google’s Chrome browser is one of the fastest, most reliable browsers available and our number one recommendation. Download Chrome

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