1. Edit your site’s banner buttons
  2. Adding a Homepage Banner Image
  3. Edit your homepage text
  4. Customize your news, events, or videos
  5. Add and Edit Quick Links
  6. Video Tutorials

Edit your site’s banner buttons

Banner buttons are the two links that appear in red buttons located beneath your website’s banner on your site’s homepage. These are fully customizable and can be changed throughout the year depending on what is going on within your department.

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  1. On the back-end of your site’s homepage, click on the Homepage Banners tab to expand your site’s banner options.
  2. Under Banner Buttons insert the text that will be located on the button(s), followed by the link type, and the link to where the button will redirect your users to.
  3. Save and update the page.

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Adding a Homepage Banner Image

  1. From the Navigation Panel, hover over Homepage.
  2. Select the Homepage you are looking to update.
  3. Click on the Homepage Banners arrow to expand the section.
  4. Under Banner Type, you have the option of having no banner, one banner, or a slideshow of banners.
  5. If you have a Banner Image from your documents, select Upload under Banner Type Image. 
    1. Note: The banner image must be 1600px wide by 700px high.

Edit your homepage text

  1. Edit your homepage.
  2. Under Homepage Content, you can add a Text Block item.
  3. By clicking on a Text Block, you can add, edit, or remove text within the Content Editor.

Customize your news, events, or videos

  1. Edit your homepage.
  2. Under Homepage Content, you can select whether or not to show News, Events, or Videos through manually adding these items.
  3. The listings you choose to show will each have a tab in this section which you can use to change the listing title and other options.
  4. Use this section to select how many stories you want to appear and which categories you want to pull in.
    From here you can:
  • Select whether or not you want to show news/events
  • Change the title of your news/events
  • Select how many news stories or events you want to appear (3 appear by default for news, 4 for events)
  • Select the categories you want to pull in

Add and Edit Quick Links

Quick links are the four boxes on your homepage.  In this template you can display three, four boxes, or no boxes.

  1. Edit your homepage.
  2. Under Homepage Content, click Add Item and select Quick Links.
  3. If you click on the Quick Links tab, the options for each Quick Link will appear where you can change the thumbnail image, the title, the URL, and description.
  4. If you do not want Quick Links on your homepage, you can remove the item by hovering the arrow on the Quick Links tab and clicking the minus sign.
    Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 11.34.35 AM

Video Tutorials

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