The large text area below the title field is where you input the content for your page. Content should be typed directly into this area, or pasted in using a text-only editor.

Note: hover and pause your cursor over any button in the content editing box toolbar to see what each is used for.

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 10.12.59 AM

The content area offers two views for creating content: Visual and Text. For most users, the ‘Visual’ view is sufficient for adding content to a page or post. Above the content editing area there are a series of tools that are available to create content, known as a WYSIWYG Editor (what you see is what you get — pictured above).  Some of the tools include: text formatting and alignment, list creation, easy table creation, and more.

When working with text on Carleton web pages:

  • Avoid use of italics, which are difficult to read online
  • Avoid underlining text, unless it is a link
  • Make use of the predefined headers (H2, H3, H4, H5, H6 in the Paragraph menu, pictured above)
  • Never set passages of text in full or small caps

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