1. What is a Block?
  2. Adding Blocks
  3. Moving Blocks
  4. Deleting Blocks
  5. Block Settings
    1. Hide Block Settings
    2. Other Toolbar Options
  6. Blocks Overview Video Tutorial

What is a Block?

A block can be pretty much anything. For example, you can have blocks for:

  • Regular text
  • Tables
  • Images
  • Listings
  • Page Banner
  • Etc.

Blocks offer more flexibility and control.

Adding Blocks

To add a new block, all you need to do is click the +Plus icon and select the type of content you want to add.

Tip: While writing, you can press / to quickly insert new blocks!

To find a block, you can type its name into the search bar or look under the different block categories (most used, common, formatting and embeds).

When finding a block to add, you can hover over each block in the Add Block section to see a description and a picture of the block.

This helps you know know what each block is used for and what it will look like on your page/post.

Moving Blocks

There are two ways you can move blocks within a page/post.

You can move the block by clicking the down or up arrow on the side of the block. This will move your block on spot in the direction you want.

You can drag blocks by clicking and holding the six-dot-grid near the top left-left corner of each block.

Deleting Blocks

There are two ways to delete a block from a page/post.

  1. Click the three dots above the block and select Remove Block at the bottom of the dropdown menu.

2. You can also delete a block by clicking Delete on your keyboard while having the block selected.

Block Settings

Each block has a set of universal settings that can be found when clicking the three vertical dots above a block.

Block Settings:

  • Hide block settings
  • Duplicate
  • Insert before
  • Insert after
  • Edit as HTML
  • Add to Reusable blocks
  • Remove Block

Hide Block Settings

Did you know that you can hide the settings panel on the right-hand side of your screen?

There are actually two ways!

First way:

Click into any block and select the three vertical dots that appear along with the toolbar that’s floating above the block.

Then select Hide Block Settings from the drop-down menu.

This hides the block settings sidebar.

To make the sidebar appear again, you can click Show Block Settings within the same drop-down menu.

Second way:

You can also make the block settings sidebar appear or disappear by clicking the cog icon at the top right of the editor bar. The cog icon looks like this:

Clicking it will automatically make the settings panel. You can click the cog icon a second time to make the settings panel re-appear.

Other Toolbar Options

1. Duplicate Blocks

This allows you to duplicate any block and have it appear on your page/post under the original block.

2. Insert After or Before

You can choose to add a block above or below the current block.

Blocks Overview Video Tutorial

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