The work we do is grouped into three key areas: Products and Services, Client Support, and The Way We Work.

Below are the key deliverables, tasks, and events for the 2022/23 academic year. This roadmap highlights the key initiatives outlined in our Web Services 2022/23 Plan.

Products and Services:

  • Carleton Mobile App – Support OVPSE in the development and support of Carleton’s new student mobile app.
  • Events Calendar – To launch phase one of the new Carleton University events calendar. This project is built on our new modern react framework.
  • cuTheme – To launch an accessible theme that will support our clients in helping them to meet the university’s digital goals.  This project includes new front end and backend features, the move to GA4, and templates to support undergraduate recruitment.
  • Intranet – To launch an improved version of the Staff/Faculty Intranet.  This project is built on our new modern react framework and will enable us to integrate more employee data.
  • Future Funder – Begin planning the rebuild of Future Funder in our new modern react framework.
  • Raven Design System – The goals are to get our design system to a point where it is seamlessly being used on all of our projects and to enable other developers on campus to use and contribute.

Client Support

  • Coffee Break – To bring back our Coffee Break event.  The goal is to engage with the community and keep people informed of what we have going on.
  • cuTheme Communications – To inform and engage the community of what is happening around cuTheme.  This will include a rollout plan, drop in sessions, new training and workshops.
  • New Training and Workshop Offerings – To launch new online training and workshops.  Topics include, but not limited to, SEO, writing for the web, content strategy, and general how tos.
  • Web Services Website – To review and revamp our Web Services website to better reflect current service offerings.
  • ITS Website – To launch a new ITS website that better highlights ITS services, support, security updates, and policies.

The Way We Work

  • Web Governance – To provide collaborative, centralized governance for the ongoing development, delivery, and maintenance of Carleton’s digital image.
  • Refine our release process – To review this process to include modern deployment, improved versioning, and communicate release notes.
  • Create a Learning and Development Library – To build out a resource library of learning material for the team to focus on during our monthly learning and development weeks.
  • Attend Conferences – Plan accordingly so each member of the team can attend (and present if desired) at a conference.
  • Maintain our internal documentation – To update and have a plan to maintain but the client/comms and developer docs.
  • In Person Get Togethers – To get together as a team once a month.
  • Implement Project Leads – Each project to have a dedicated project lead.  This person will be responsible for creating user stories, gathering learning resources, providing project updates, and guiding and supporting the team throughout the project.