Here at Web Services, we’re committed to providing top-notch support to our Carleton community. Don’t just take our word for it — hear it from our faculty and staff about their experiences working with us!

What Our Clients Say:

“At Sprott, we’ve gone through a few different website relaunches, and we can’t say enough about the Web Services team and the work that they do on the Carleton template! The Carleton template makes it easy for us to produce clear, consistent, branded content across all our programs and pages (and there are many!), with multiple web editors within our department.”

Elisabeth Lariviere
Digital Communications Coordinator, Sprott School of Business

“I have had such a great experience with the Web Services team at Carleton University. The staff are incredibly talented and friendly, and their support has been integral to my web work over the years. From troubleshooting the odd website mishap to providing helpful advice and training on website content reviews and analytics, new website templates, and web accessibility, the Web Services team have been consistently amazing in providing top-notch support to units across campus.”

Kimberley Seguin
Event and Outreach Coordinator, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

“I’ve been working with the team in Web Services for 10 years. From WordPress training, online payment forms, workshops and advice, the Web Services team has provided an invaluable service and have helped make our recruitment and event efforts successful. The team has also helped me develop website technical and communication skills. We are currently moving our website over to the new cuTheme template and it is amazing to have the support of Web Services in this process.”

Mary Giles
Special Projects Administrator, School of Public Policy & Administration

Web Services is of great value to me. They notify me of important CMS information I need to share with my clients. I often ask questions about complex website issues, and they have always been willing to work with me to find solutions. They guide me on many aspects of setting up and organizing several Carleton websites while highlighting all the WordPress features on our CU custom websites.

Patricia Saravesi
Web Content Developer and Trainer, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

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