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Why Attend?

As a friend, it can be difficult to navigate tough conversations and support our friends in challenging times. The Supporting a Friend workshop is facilitated by fellow students who understand how tough it can be to have these conversations. This workshop can provide you with information and tips to help you feel more confident in these situations. Being comfortable talking about mental health and well-being with friends is the first step to being able to connect them to resources that can help in a time of need.

In this workshop you will learn to:

  • Recognize when a friend is in distress or other levels of mental health concern are at play
  • Respond to concerns in a compassionate way
  • Refer your friend to an appropriate level of support for the situation
  • Reflect on your experience and realize your own boundaries and limitations

About the Workshops

Each workshop is facilitated by current students who are members of the Student Mental Health Engagement Committee. The facilitators will also be joined by a Carleton staff member who will act as a community support resource.

Space in each Supporting a Friend workshop is limited.

Upcoming Workshops

The Student Mental Health Engagement Committee will be hosting several “Supporting a Friend” workshops in 2020-2021¬†which are open to any Carleton student. Please check back as new workshop dates and times may be added to suit your schedule.

Sorry, there are no upcoming events.