Support for Students Around the World

As we navigate through these difficult times, Carleton University wants you to know that we are here to support you. No matter where you call home, there are many support services and resources available to support your mental health. International Students residing outside of Canada are encouraged to connect with professional support in your local area. If you require immediate, in-person emergency care, go to your nearest emergency department, or dial your local emergency services telephone number for immediate help.

International Students looking for support virtually or by phone are encouraged to connect with resources below, and there may be others you can access in your local area. We are here to help if you are unable to locate resources for you.

If unsure or outside of a designated service area, consider filling out a Care Report and the Office of Student Affairs will follow up with you.


Please note that the international services listed below are restricted to some countries and we advise that you follow the links provided to identify the resources available in your country.

International SOS – Emotional Support

Studying remotely from outside of Canada as an international student can bring unforeseen stress and strain. Carleton is pleased to offer International SOS’s Emotional Support service to help you support your mental, emotional and physical well-being. 

Emotional Support delivers: 

  • Mental health professionals supporting you in more than 60 languages 
  • Support available through the International SOS Dedicated Line (24/7) at +1 215-942-8478 
  • Access to counselling services
  • Counselling methods tailored to your needs: phone, video-call or face-to-face. 

Available 24/7 by phone: +1 215-942-8478

Empower Me

Undergraduate students have access to free counselling services in the community through Empower Me, either in person, by telephone, video-counselling or e‑counselling.

Empower Me collaborates with existing on-campus student mental health services to ensure students receive the right care for them. This “team” approach allows students to choose from a variety of resources on and off campus.

Empower Me allows students to connect with qualified counsellors, consultants and life coaches at their private practice in the community for a variety of issues.

This free service is accessible 24/7, 365 days per year – for free.

Call 1-833-628-5589 (toll free) to make an appointment with a counsellor in the community.

TAO Online Therapy

TAO Online Therapy is designed to address issues related to anxiety and depression. As a TAO participant, each week you will watch short videos and complete skill-building exercises. The exercises can be completed through a smartphone, tablet, or computer and the online modules are accessible 24/7. Additional support is provided through brief weekly meetings with a counsellor via videoconference.

ECounselling – The LifeLine Canada Foundation

Do you or someone you care about struggle with thoughts of suicide or other mental health issues? The Lifeline Canada Foundation is here to help.

International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP) – Resources: Crisis Centers

International Association for Suicide Prevention – Resources: Crisis Centers. Click on the continents, in the map, to find crisis centers in Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, Oceania and South America.

Suicide Hotlines – is a 501c3 NON-PROFIT Organization and Website.

Global Mental Health Resources : CheckPoint

beyondblue is working to reduce the impact of anxiety, depression and suicide in the community by raising awareness and understanding, empowering people to seek help, and supporting recovery, management and resilience.

Carleton has also provided current students with a list of Provincial Support Resources across Canada.