Many of the typical day-to-day challenges and stresses of university life can be managed with the support of your friends, families, faith, and other communities. In addition, there are numerous resources and tools that can provide you with the information and education needed to build additional skills and gain knowledge that will help you to resolve personal difficulties and enable you to thrive while at Carleton, and beyond.

The online self-help information and resources listed on this website are for educational and prevention purposes and are not intended as a substitute for professional advice or as treatment for mental health disorders. The listing of these resources does not imply Health and Counselling Services endorses all of the information that is included. We encourage you to evaluate the materials and use what you find helpful. If you require treatment for an emotional or mental health problem, please contact Health and Counselling Services at 613-520-6674.

Care Report

Sometimes we may encounter friends, or other students who are struggling. We make best efforts to provide direct support to these individuals as much as possible, but there are times when a referral to additional support is needed. For more information on how best help a student who is struggling visit the Coping with Crisis page.

In the event you remain concerned about a struggling student, you may make a record of the incident or conversation by filling out the Care Report. This will automatically begin the process of creating a confidential file in the Office of Student Affairs and they will begin the process of monitoring for signs that he/she may be at risk.

Care Report

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