Carleton provides a wide variety of accessible resources and services that allow students to maximize and manage their mental health and well-being. This page can assist you in matching with the appropriate level of support based on your specific needs.

Thriving on Campus

Positive mental health and well-being, with high levels of energy, engagement and functioning.

Take time to review information, awareness and self-help resources:

  • Workshops and Training
  • Pop-Up Wellness
  • Health Promotion
  • Campus Involvement
  • Campus Events

Learn more about these awareness and self-help resources by visiting the events section.

Everyday Stress

Occasional difficulties in responding to academic, personal, social, financial or health issues. These issues are common to many students.

Take time to review education materials and skill building opportunities, while also looking into social connections:

Mild Mental Health Concerns

More persistent difficulties in coping, causing some anxiety or lowered mood with an impact on self-care. Problems at this level are often situational and reversible.

Students at this level are encouraged to review prevention and early intervention resources:

Moderate and Complex Mental Health Concerns

Mental health challenges or levels of distress that have a greater impact on daily functioning or limit daily functioning may require specialized care, a treatment plan or monitoring.

To learn more please contact Health and Counselling Services to schedule an appointment.

Is the situation an emergency?

On-campus: 613-520-4444 or 4444 from any on campus phone

Off-campus: 911 (Notify Campus Safety Services)

If uncertain, you can call the Crisis Line at 613-722-6914

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