TAO Self-Help

TAO Self-Help provides self-directed modules and practice tools to help you learn positive skills for personal growth – or to assist you in bouncing back from life’s disappointments and frustrations. TAO is based on well-researched and highly effective strategies for helping to improve mental health, and you can try it anytime, anywhere with no cost to you.

TAO Self-Help can improve your understanding, and management of, how you feel, think and act. You can learn:

  • Stress management and problem-solving skills
  • Mindfulness and relaxation skills
  • Relationship skills
  • Strategies to manage worries and develop more helpful thinking patterns

How does it work?

  • Watch short, informative videos and take part in brief exercises.
  • Track your moods and progress with a wellness survey or logs.
  • Use the Mindfulness Library and relaxation videos.

Sample Session

How do I sign up?

  • No appointment is necessary. You can start immediately by logging in to create an account.
  • All Carleton students are eligible for TAO Self-Help. You will need to use your Carleton e-mail address to sign-up.
  • Click on the “Sign-Up Self-Help” button.
  • Agree to TAO services.
  • Check your Carleton email immediately to finish your account set up.


TAO Self-Help is intended as a prevention program and is not a treatment for mental health disorders. If you require treatment for an emotional or mental health problem, please contact Health and Counselling Services at 613-520-6674.

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