Photo of Blue

- Blue -


Expertise:Chasing squirrels, Cuddling
Building:Tory Building
Department:Student Affairs Office
Degrees:Registered Ottawa Therapy Dog, CKC Canine Good Neighbour, Agility Level 2


As the first, original Carleton Therapy Dog, Blue was known for spreading happiness, love, and cheer to Carleton students and community members who might be stressed, missing home, or just feeling a little “blue”. Blue was destined to be a Therapy Dog, from the moment he was adopted by his handler, Shannon Noonan. Blue’s shining example was the inspiration for the Carleton Therapy Dogs program as we know it today, and he spent every day of his life happy and making a difference in the lives of others.

It was Blue who deepened Shannon’s understanding of the animal-human bond. They were a model pair and true soulmates. Now, Blue’s “brother,” Elroy the Dalmatian, follows in his footsteps as a current Carleton Therapy Dog team member!

Having a ruff day?

Blue would love nothing more than for you to gain love and support from some of his paw-lleagues, or for you to make an effort to spend time on self-care doing one of your favourite activities.

If you want to learn more about how to help others, or get help yourself, why not try one of the Mental Health Workshops – a workshop offered by the Health Promotion Team or the Supporting a Friend session facilitated by Student Mental Health volunteers.

Always check our Therapy Dog schedule page for most up-to-date information on current Therapy Dog Office Hours.