Photo of Dozer

- Dozer -


Expertise:High Fives
Department:School for Studies in Art and Culture
Degrees:Registered Ottawa Therapy Dog, CKC Canine Good Neighbour


Dozer – also referred to as “Dozermaaaaannn” and “Dozey-Doe” by his handler, Elise –  is an English Bulldog, and very accustomed to being LOVED just for being himself.

Agility really was not Dozer’s calling; he just didn’t see any point in rushing around or jumping on command.  Dozer’s presence on campus was super zen and he was most often seen sauntering at his own pace. His favorite at-home habits have always been sleep… and then sleep some more.  Elise is pretty awesome too – she works as an art therapist and she was one of the biggest supporters of the Carleton Therapy Dogs program from the beginning, and will always be celebrated and remembered for her generosity of self, time and donations to the program.

Dozer truly loved being therapy dog at Carleton University; meeting all the amazing students who visit for a pet or a cuddle.  Like all bully breeds, Dozer always showed his loyal character, good looks, and fondness of rubs on the hind end.  Bulldogs are expert stress relievers – nothing dissolves stress like their wrinkles, snorts and other unique sounds.

Having a ruff day?

Dozer would love nothing more than for you to gain love and support from some of his paw-lleagues, or for you to make an effort to spend time on self-care doing one of your favourite activities.

If you would like to learn more about self-help, try TAO Online Therapy – Carleton students have access to free interactive online modules and weekly check-ins with a professional counsellor.

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