Photo of Floyd

- Floyd -

Black Labrador Mix

Expertise:Being adorable, Clam-Digging, Hugs
Building:Canal Building
Department:Systems and Computer Engineering
Degrees:Evaluated by Ottawa Therapy Dogs, RDOC Canadian Canine Good Citizen


My name is Floyd, I am extremely calm and wise and I enjoy all types of people. I like to snuggle and get loved every day. I am happiest when I’m romping through a swamp in the Greenbelt or swimming in the Ottawa River with my 3 human siblings!

When I heard of the paws-sibility of coming to work at Carleton, I was so excited! Once I passed my super hard peanut butter test, I was pretty much a shoe-in. I didn’t know it was my favorite treat until they told me I had to “leave it” during my training…without so much as a wag of my tail toward, can you believe it?! Because I was the absolute bestest boy, now I can come and meet all of the University students!

Please come out and see me in the Engineering and Design Faculty to help melt your stress away!

Having a ruff day? Floyd recommends:

The Elsie MacGill Learning Centre – Support and Advice for first and second year Engineering students from professionals who can help with first year academic assistance (engineering, math and science); language assistance, or any transitional issues you may be experiencing.