Photo of Megan Kidd

Megan Kidd


As Carleton’s Wellness Volunteer LiaIson for the Student Mental Health Engagement Committee my role is to promote student engagement and foster engagement among the student body at large to help create a thriving community for everyone. I lead a group of volunteers with mental health initiatives that are entirely student-driven. Each committee member may either be representing from a leadership role related to mental health or can be a student at large who has a vested interest in improving the campus climate and overall student wellness.


As Carleton’s Spirituality Student Coordinator for the Spirituality Centre, my role is to develop expanding opportunities for students to cultivate spiritual wellness, to provide feedback from a critical student perspective on new wellness and spirituality initiatives on campus, as well as liaise between the Office of Student Affairs and Spirituality Centre Chaplains. The Centre has been a ground for cultivating spiritual wellbeing as well as developing and enhancing the experience of all community members of Carleton University. Beyond the students who access the Centre’s programs and services, the Centre serves the wider community by modelling pluralism, spiritual and religious diversity, and interfaith harmony.

Outside of work, I am currently completing a Bachelors in Forensic Psychology with a minor in Neuroscience and Mental Health, as well as volunteering with various mental health related groups, such as the CUSA Wellness Centre, Bridge The Gap, and the Mental Health Champions.

I grew up on a farm with horses and have had a huge passion for horses. After my degree at Carleton, I plan on becoming an addictions counsellor and using equine assisted learning/therapy in my practices.