Photo of Monty

- Monty -

Miniature Pinscher Mix

Expertise:Being adorable, Cuddling
Building:Dunton Tower
Department:English Language and Literature
Degrees:Evaluated by Ottawa Therapy Dogs, CKC Canine Good Neighbour


Monty was a senior when he came into the Carleton Therapy Dogs program, but that didn’t stop him from spreading love and joy to everyone he met. Monty was on his own for a while before he was adopted at age 10 by his handler, Janne Cleveland. After being welcomed and embracing his new life,  which could not seem to get any better, he was overjoyed to become a Therapy Dog! Monty was such an easygoing dude, but honestly humans are his all-time favourite thing…their laps are just so comfy and perfectly sized for a dog like him!

They teach you in Therapy Dog school that a good cuddle (even a short one, or with a tiny dog like Monty!) is known to lower stress levels in humans. Spend time with a dog and see the benefits.

Having a ruff day?

Monty would love nothing more than for you to gain love and support from some of his paw-lleagues, or for you to make an effort to spend time on self-care doing one of your favourite activities

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