Photo of Polo

-Polo -

Retriever, border collie, and newfoundland mix

Expertise:Counter surfing, Retrieving (sort of), Swimming
Degrees:failed puppy training (slept through it); got a certificate for "good manners"


I am a mix of retriever, border collie, and newfoundland. I love off-leash parks (but don’t like to run after other dogs – I let them come to me) but am really at home in the water: I love jumping from a lake deck and swimming!

Retrieving is OK but I can get distracted by flowers. My favourite season is Winter with my double thick fur coat. I carry a mitt in my mouth on Winter walks (some people think it’s a squirrel, but squirrels and cats are my best friends – or I think so, anyway).

My greatest joy all year long is to bring large branches back home and chew them. I also adore all types of food, especially the types that (for some reason) are kept way at the back of the kitchen counter tops. I do love counter surfing. I started my training during the COVID pandemic and have been on IGTV a couple of times. However, I hear from others that getting back to campus to see everyone is the best time.


Having a ruff day? Polo recommends:

Student Support Services– ¬†Browse and try some of Carleton’s on-campus and community resources.