Sexual Health refers to a variety of topics ranging from birth control and sexually transmitted infections to sexuality and consent. At Carleton University, you’re able to obtain more information about sexual health from a variety of resources to which all aim to provide you with the information you need to lead a happy and healthy life.

Gender and Sexuality

Carleton University is proud to support students of all gender identities and sexual orientations. For students looking to gain more education or support throughout their time on campus, Carleton University offers a variety of services through Health and Counselling Services, the Carleton University Student’s Association and more.


Consent is an enthusiastic, voluntary agreement to engage in sexual activity. Engaging in a sexual act without the other person’s consent is sexual assault. Consent is ongoing and cannot be implied based on previous history. A person may have consented on a previous occasion, but this does not obligate them to consent in the future. Therefore, it is required even in long-term relationships.

Consenting to one behavior does not mean you have to consent to any other behaviors, and consenting on one occasion does not mean you consent for a future occasion.

To learn more about consent and sexual health, please visit Equity Services.

Sexual Violence Support

Carleton University listens, provides resources and works to provide survivors with sexual violence support. Sexual Assault Support Services is located in 3800 Carleton Technology and Training Centre (CTTC). Their services are free, confidential and available to all students, staff and faculty at Carleton.

The service can provide:

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