In November, registered midwife and clinical investigator, Adjunct Professor in Women’s and Gender Studies, Betty-Anne Daviss, was interviewed on the show White Coat, Black Art.  The issue addressed was the importance of continuing to do normal vaginal births rather than cesarean sections for breech birth (when the baby’s bottom is coming first rather than the head).  Midwife clients are demanding the option be continued, as the increase in cesarean sections since the year 2000 was based on evidence that has been overturned.  Physicians profess that they no longer have the skills to perform vaginal breech births and Professor Daviss proposes, and is actively engaged in helping them to learn from the senior midwives with experience and a better understanding of the physiology.

This informative interview sheds light on the fears and misconceptions about this practice and discusses the many advantages in choosing vaginal births even when the baby is breech.

You can read or listen to the interview by following the link below.

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