Dr. Nadia Abu-Zahra and a team of professors from Carleton University and the University of Ottawa have been awarded $32,000 for their project to co-create open educational resources (OER) about structural inequalities, as they relate to mobility and immigration, learning and education, racism and racialization, social justice, and resistance and mobilization.

The Shared Online Projects Initiative (SOPI) is offered through Teaching and Learning Services at Carleton in response to planning for the Winter 2021 academic term in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, and to establish innovative cross-institutional collaboration with a focus on improving student learning.

The goal of the initiative is to encourage instructors across the institutions to join their efforts in developing online modules and/or courses that can be shared, adopted, adapted, and reused at one of the participating institutions. The initiative will increase institutional flexibility in online course and program delivery, allow instructors to engage in collaborative pedagogical innovations, and provide high quality learning experiences for students at the participating institutions.

Congratulations to Dr. Abu-Zahra!