Past Event! Note: this event has already taken place.

POSTPONED: Feminist Futures: ‘To Make it Alive in the Minds of the People’: Rematriating Sky Woman’s Story

February 25, 2019


Please note that this event is postponed to Fall 2019

Who gets to write history? The colonizers do. History has a very different meaning for the
Kanienkehaka (Mohawk people). The Kanienkeha word for history, tsinitsiwen:a, means ‘to
make it alive in the minds of the people’. As we consider what kind of lifeways and culture that this word evokes, consider its implications on the practice of an Indigenous scholar.

Thispresentation illustrates Dr. Horn-Miller’s work rematriating the Haudenosaunee creation storyabout Sky Woman, as she lifts it off the page and back into life.

Kahente Horn-Miller (Kanienkeha) is an Assistant Professor in the School of Indigenous and
Canadian Studies. Her research focuses on Indigenous identity, governance, and women’s
issues, and revitalizing Haudenosaunee culture and traditions so they find relevance today. She coordinates Carleton’s Collaborative Indigenous Learning Bundles project in response to theTRC Calls to Action.