Photo of Rachel  Jobson

Rachel Jobson

Master's Student

Degrees:Bachelor of Arts, Honours in International Political Economy (Trent), Postgraduate Certificate in Event Management (Algonquin)

My thesis looks at the ways some people with chronic pain use BDSM to reclaim pain and control over their bodies and uses crip theory to challenge the idea that lives lived in pain are less worth living. I am especially interested in how compulsory able-bodiedness can be subverted and how the normally private and unknowable experience of pain can become externalized and shared through the collective experience of participating in BDSM. More broadly, I am also interested in sexual citizenship, non-normative sexuality and relationships, law, and feminist theory.

Something you like about the program: I love that the department is small and friendly. As an MA student, you get to know the faculty quite quickly, and I have received invaluable mentorship, support, and career guidance from those connections.