Photo of Alireza Abdollahi

Alireza Abdollahi

Ph.D Student

Degrees:B.Sc. Materials Engineering (2010-2014, Isfahan University of Tech.), M.Sc. Materials Engineering (2014-2017, Isfahan University of Tech.), M.Eng Mechanical Engineering (2018-2019, University of Ottawa), Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering (2019- present, Carleton University)


Aluminum alloys are widely used as a structural alloy in different industries including automobile and aerospace due to the high strength to weight ratio. Among all aluminum alloys, Al 7075 is one of the highest strength alloys. Also, welding of this alloy is a vital need. During the decades, fusion welding of 7075 was the main concern. In my project, I am working on the feasibility of the fusion welding of 7075 by modification of the surface of the base and/or filler metal.



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