Photo of Dolly Clement

Dolly Clement

Ph.D Student

Degrees:Master's Degree (Florida Institute of Technology), Ph.D. (2018-Present)

Having a Master’s in Aerospace Engineering has led me to start my Doctorate journey at Carleton. My work revolves around additive manufacturing of alloys that are quite difficult to manufacture with this process, specifically aluminum alloys, in which cracks span along multiple layers due to hot tearing phenomenon. Hot tearing occurs because grains in these alloys solidify as vertical columns, causing the alloy’s residual liquid content to get trapped between them. Later, as the solid material shrinks, the liquid film can rupture. My research will involve nucleating the substrate alloy with suitable nanoparticle that can mitigate the occurrence of cracks. Challenges that incur would be with identifying the suitable nanoparticle whose crystal lattices matches with that of the alloy to be able to form metal complexes. Subsequent research will also involve conducting mechanical testing of the nucleated alloy to observe the potential impact of the nanoparticle on the mechanical characteristics.