Photo of Mary Kelly

Mary Kelly

Assistant Professor

Degrees:B.Cmp.Hons. in Cognitive Science (Queen's), M.Sc. in Computer Science (Queen's), Ph.D. in Cognitive Science (Carleton)

Dr. Mary Kelly is the principal investigator of the ANIMUS lab and an Assistant Professor in the Department of Cognitive ScienceShe is a cognitive scientist with a background in machine learning, cognitive psychology, psycholinguistics, computational linguistics, and philosophy of mind. Her research has two goals: (1) to advance the scientific understanding of the basic cognitive functions that underpin human learning, knowledge, and language acquisition, and (2) to develop biologically-inspired machine learning systems capable of achieving expert performance on arbitrary tasks through learning.

Dr. Kelly’s research interests include:

  • models of human memory and learning
  • models of language learning, production, and comprehension
  • cognitive architectures
  • artificial neural networks and deep learning
  • bias in artificial intelligence

Dr. Kelly supervises students interested in computational cognitive models, artificial intelligence, or digital humanities.