Climate change is the defining challenge of our century. Responding to it will require rapid, deep, and sustainable decarbonization of the global energy system.

Our group comprises highly interdisciplinary engineers devoted to accelerating the transition to a deeply decarbonized energy system in Canada and across the world.

Our research advances key methods in systems engineering; mechanical designpower systems; machine learning; optimization; process modelling; and quantitative risk and decision analysis. In each of our projects, we seek to articulate deep decarbonization pathways that are not only techno-economically viable, but also socio-politically feasible. We therefore integrate insights from public policy and behavioural science to optimize the design and deployment of engineered energy systems.

We are always seeking highly motivated researchers to join our group. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us once you have read our Research page to gain a better understanding of the methods we develop and the interdisciplinary perspective we adopt.

Research Highlights