What we are about

We are a growing group of students and professors who are engaged in research into the lived experience of autistic students. We are committed to participatory co-production of research with both autistic and non-autistic researchers and students to ensure that we conduct research that is useful, trustworthy, and valid for autistic people and those who support them.

We are supported by:

  1. Carleton University SSHRC Explore Development Grant, 2018-2019 “Towards a Socio-Cultural, Non-Deficit Perspective on Academic Writing by Canadian University Students Diagnosed with Autism”
  2. Carleton University COVID-19 Rapid Research Response Grant, 2020-2022 “Identifying effects of COVID-19 pandemic related changes on academic and social experiences of autistic university students”
  3. Government of Canada SSHRC Doctoral Grant, 2019-2022, “Academic Writing by Canadian University Students with Autism: A Socio-Cultural, Non-Deficit Perspective”

Our study team includes both autistic and non-autistic researchers:

  • Professor Natasha (Natalia) Artemeva (Profile)
  • Jacquie Ballantine, PhD Candidate (Profile)
  • Jasmin Marcarios, MA
  • Jess Rocheleau, MA, PhD Student
  • George Ross, MA
  • Laura L. Lefevre, MA
  • Cameron Kent, BA
  • Matthew Bell

Thanks to all the individuals supporting this work.

Contact us at autistic_experience@cunet.carleton.ca