Photo of Anna Stefaniak

Anna Stefaniak

Post-Doctoral Researcher

Degrees:Ph.D., Postdoc

Dr. Anna Stefaniak is a post-doctoral researcher collaborating with Dr. Michael Wohl.

Professional Appointments

2018 – present Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Carleton University
2017 – 2018 Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Loyola University Chicago


2017 Ph.D. Psychology, University of Warsaw, Poland
2011 M.A. Psychology, University of Warsaw, Poland

Research Interests

Dr. Stefaniak’s work is in the area of social psychology of intergroup relations. In her research, she focuses on: reduction of intergroup bias through direct and indirect intergroup contact; the role of culturally transmitted evaluations of historical past in shaping current intergroup attitudes; and the psychological underpinnings of negative and positive intergroup behavior such as hate crime, collective violence, and collective action on behalf of outgroups.

Selected Publications

Stefaniak, A. & Wohl, M.J.A. (2021). In time we will simply disappear: Racial demographic shift undermines privileged group members’ support for marginalized social groups via collective angst. Group Processes & Intergroup Relations.

Górska, P., Stefaniak, A., [joint first authorship] Lipowska, K.*, Malinowska, K.*, Skrodzka, M.* (2021). Authoritarians go with the flow: Social norms moderate the link between authoritarianism and outgroup-directed attitudes. Political Psychology.

Stefaniak, A., Wohl, M.J.A., & Bilewicz, M. (2021). Pro-diversity intervention improves Poles’ intergroup attitudes by increasing collective nostalgia for more open Polish society. Affective Science.

Elgar, F., Stefaniak, A., Wohl, M. J. A. (2020). The trouble with trust: Time-series analysis of social capital, income inequality, and COVID-19 deaths in 84 countries. Social Science and Medicine263. 113365.

Wohl, M. J. A., Stefaniak, A., & Smeekes, A. (2020). Longing is in the memory of the beholder: Collective nostalgia content determines the method members will support to make their group great again. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology91, 104044.

Stefaniak, A., Mallett, R. K., & Wohl, M. J. A. (2020). Zero-sum beliefs shape advantaged allies’ support for collective action. European Journal of Social Psychology50(6), 1259-1275.

Wohl, M. J. A., Stefaniak, A., & Smeekes, A. (2020). Days of future past: Concerns for the group’s future prompts longing for its past (and ways to reclaim it). Current Directions in Psychological Science. 5, 481-486.

Górska, P., Stefaniak, A., Malinowska, K.*, Lipowska, K.*, Marchlewska, M., Budziszewska, M., & Maciantowicz, O.* (2020) Too great to act in solidarity: The negative relationship between collective narcissism and solidarity-based collective action. European Journal of Social Psychology50(3), 561-578.

Stefaniak, A., Bilewicz, M., & Lewicka, M. (2017). The merits of teaching local history: Increased place attachment enhances civic engagement and social trust. Journal of Environmental Psychology, 51, 217-225.