Many thanks to CUFCA, Insultech and Genyk for their donation of spray foam to our project.

We knew early that hitting net-zero energy using a 2×4 wall would not be easy on a metal trailer. Early on we decided that spray foam is an ideal choice to achieve a high R-value per inch while also air-sealing and providing a vapour barrier. Combined with vacuum panels, we will achieve R-40 using only a 2×4″ wall construction. How did we do it? Spray foam on the interior wall, 1″ XPS outboard insulation with vacuum panels secured. Combine this with a ventilated cedar rain-screen and you have a comprehensive wall-assembly.

We’ll be monitoring how the wall performs in the coming months and are eager to share how this wall assembly performs.

A warm thanks again to CUFCA, Insultech and Genyk for helping to make our ambitious project possible. Thanks to Carleton Health and Safety and Facilities Management and Planning for facilitating the application process.