Prof. Piotr Dutkiewicz continues to co-edit the Review of European and Russian Affairs (RERA) The Review of European and Russian Affairs is an electronic academic journal publishing short works of graduate and post-graduate students and young scholars (original essays, research articles, editorials, notes, book reviews) on topics related to the European Union, its member states, the former Soviet Union, and Central and Eastern Europe.  The goals of the journal are to provide an accessible forum for research, to promote high standards of research and scholarship and to foster communication among young scholars through the publication of their works.

Prof. Piotr Dutkiewicz speaks at Seminar on Financial Crisis in Europe Prof. Piotr Dutkiewicz spoke at a Sept. 6, 2012 seminar hosted by the Department of Political Science at Carleton University and the University of Trento. Titled “Consequences of the Financial Crisis for Europe and North America”, the seminar focused on the consequences for Europe and North America of the ongoing financial crisis in the Euro zone. Prof. Piotr Dutkiewic’s speech was titled “Shapes of the crises in Central Europe: 2007-2009”.

CGPM hosts Professor Svetlana Pavlovskaya In the summer of 2012, CGPM hosted Prof. Svetlana Pavlovskaya from the Higher School of Economics in Nizhny Novgorod for a month as she conducted research on political corruption in Canada and OECD states

Policy Transfer at World Congress of the International Political Science Association Prof. Leslie A. Pal was engaged in various projects over the summer. One was organizing several panels on policy transfer (a key interest of CGPM) at the World Congress of the International Political Science Association in Madrid in July. The papers are being submitted to form a special issue of an internationally recognized journal on comparative policy analysis.

Continuing Partnership with Highter School of Economics (Russia) CGPM and the School of Public Policy and Administration signed a memorandum of understanding in 2010 with the Higher School of Economics. Over the past two years Prof. Pal has worked with the management faculty at HSE in Moscow and in Nizhny Novgorod. He recently returned from a two week visit to Nizhny where he delivered several lectures on anti-corruption policy and the regional management of innovation.

Working with the World Bank Prof. Leslie A. Pal is a member of a World Bank team that is advising the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration on the design of executive masters’ programs in public policy and public administration. He visited Moscow from October 1-7, 2012 as part of a World Bank mission.