Photo of Walid Madhoun

Walid Madhoun

Walid Madhoun held for over 20 years leadership positions in Canadian organizations with national and international reach. He applied his skills to innovate and expand the business of these organizations and achieve financial success in national and international markets. Walid Madhoun has worked on projects funded by the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, African Development Bank, various governments, regional organizations and private enterprises. He has designed, managed, evaluated more than 40 projects in as many countries.

Mr. Madhoun spent much of his career working with national membership organisations including the Association of Universities and College of Canada, the Association of Canadian Community. He is currently a partner at MAST-Canada, within his portfolio he is staff consultant with the World Bank focusing on Institutional and Organizational Development, Public Policy and Finance and Performance Monitoring and Evaluation (institutional and project). Walid Madhoun also possesses expertise related to international trade facilitation particularly in relation to antitrust law and policy.

He completed Post Graduate studies in Law at the University of London (University College London and Queen Mary) specialising in International Competition Law. Among key projects under his leadership are the India Judicial Reform Project and the Canada Russia Northern Development Program. He is well known for the leading role he played in the design and establishment of two universities in Egypt and Botswana and in providing expert advice and design work for another two universities in Viet Nam and Uganda.

Walid Madhoun is fluent in the use of three languages, English, French and Arabic. Countries of his work experience include: Russia and other Eastern European countries, Azerbaijan, Viet Nam, Philippines, Romania, Thailand, India, Malaysia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Yemen, Botswana, Kenya, Uganda, Senegal and other African francophone countries.