The Canadian Health Adaptations, Innovations, and Mobilization (CHAIM) Centre is a Carleton University Research Centre located in Ottawa, Canada.

The CHAIM Centre’s goal is to advance Canadian health research and its application to health care accessibility and programs. The Centre’s activities focus primarily on communication, networking, and outreach to facilitate health research partnerships and knowledge mobilization. In so doing, our objectives are to share health research in a manner that is accessible to:

  • Researchers across disciplines in order to foster trans-disciplinary collaborations and research initiatives
  • The lay public in the form of knowledge ‘bites’ that enable informed decision-making and the CHAIM Centre (@CHAIM_Centre) | Twitteruptake of knowledge
  • Policy and program delivery agencies by providing a context for engaging and sharing information and insights that can guide research and innovation strategies for addressing complex
  • Health and health care issues

The CHAIM Centre researchers focus on many areas related to human mental and physical health. Nonetheless, various thematic concentrations (which are not entirely distinct from one another) have emerged, reflecting our collaborations and partnerships, outreach, programs, and applications. These include:

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