Photo of Eric Leclair

Eric Leclair

Eric Leclair is head of communications at Ottawa Public Health (OPH). His team is responsible for managing media relations, communications strategy and outreach, crisis communications and most importantly, for enhancing public awareness and access to public health information, programs and services in Ottawa using a variety of communications tools and channels including social media. Under Eric’s leadership, OPH has strengthened its community presence and image through better visibility in mainstream media and enhanced engagement on various social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. In social media, OPH is recognized as one of the most followed and engaged public health units in North America.

Eric’s collegial and multi-disciplinary approach in dealing with issues, his experience working in health care, his academic background in environmental sciences and health, as well as his knowledge of current affairs has contributed to his success. Whether he’s exercising his professional functions, volunteering in organizing a community initiative or working as president of the board of his sons’ school, Eric brings the same energy and passion to all projects he undertakes.

Some of Eric’s interests include: clean and renewable energy, healthy living environments, human health, communications and social media, environmental sustainability and electric cars.