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David S. Goldbloom

Psychiatric Consultant and Professor, University of Toronto


Highly renowned and respected within his field, David Goldbloom has worked as a psychiatric consultant to family physicians for more than 30 years.

Within the field of psychiatry, he has actively promoted the power of communication through teaching, presentations and numerous publications. He trained in medicine and psychiatry at McGill University and is currently a professor of psychiatry at the University of Toronto. He has authored numerous publications including scientific articles, chapters and two books.

An Officer of the Order of Canada, Goldbloom played an active leadership, clinical and teaching role at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, where he served as inaugural Physician-in-Chief and then as Senior Medical Advisor.

In 2007, Goldbloom was appointed vice-chair of the Board of the Mental Health Commission of Canada, and subsequently served as chair from 2012–2015.

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