“I’ve heard INCREDIBLE feedback from folks who attended the conference. They LOVED it and are hoping for another one next year!”

“The event was incredibly well organized. Venue was incredible. Food excellent.”

“I found it VERY well organized. The food was amazing. The speakers very interesting. Adrian Harewood was fantastic . I’m still thinking of Clara Hughes’ talk. It was a really great day and I’m really glad I went to it. Will definitely go again. (Great venue too). Congratulations to all involved. Your hard work did not go unnoticed.”

“Congratulations on your first Challenge Conference – a big hit!”

“I really enjoyed the conference. It was extremely informative. Thank you for highlighting such an important topic (mental health).”

“I was impressed with whole package. Speakers, venue, food. The speech from your president was a beautiful reinforcement that we all have a process that affects us and all those around us. We can deal with it (poor mental health) or we can ignore it. Dealing with it and being transparent about it is a brave thing to do. Thank you.”

“Difficult to pioneer an event with Mental Health on the marquee – tx, for taking this on!”

“Adrian Harewood (moderator) was excellent!! He set the tone; was thoughtful; great sense of humour. To all those who put together this event, well done! Right down to the gifts from the registration desk, to the food! Outstanding!! My top speaker for the day was Dr. Kim Corace – could have been a TED talk!”

“The leadership at Carleton for this issue is important. It speaks about doing good.”

“It was very well done – thank you!”

“Everything was outstanding!”

“Great conference!”