The 2024 Carleton Challenge Conference focused on climate change solutions and featured key leaders and experts from business, government and academia. It was a source of inspiration and thought-provoking discussions. Explore the day’s highlights in the video summaries below, beginning with this event recap:


James Meadowcroft

Kicking off the day, James Meadowcroft’s opening address looked at challenges and solutions for moving Canada towards net zero.

Elizabeth Beardsley

Elizabeth Beardsley shared her ideas about how we can each rise to lead in the face of climate change, bringing in examples from her work in the United States and in global climate action alliances.


Facilitated by Adrian Harewood, Associate Professor at Carleton University and former CBC News Anchor and Sarah Everts, CTV Chair in Digital Science Journalism and Associate Professor at Carleton University.

Climate Change and the Economy

In this panel, leaders explored connections between the environment and the economy, including risks, opportunities and barriers to improvement.

  • Graeme Auld, Professor, School of Public Policy and Administration, Carleton University
  • Maya Papineau, Associate Professor, Department of Economics, Carleton University
  • Dave Sawyer, Principal Economist, Canadian Climate Institute
  • Laura Zizzo, Co-Founder and CEO, Manifest Climate

Resilience and Adaptation

In this panel, leaders offered innovative solutions to protect infrastructure and communities from the impacts of climate change

  • Cynthia Cruickshank, Director and Principal Investigator, Centre for Advanced Building Envelope Research (CABER), Carleton University
  • Vivian Nguyen, Assistant Professor, Institute of Environmental and Interdisciplinary Science, Carleton University
  • Graeme Reed, Strategic Advisor, Assembly of First Nations
  • Carla Smith, Executive Vice President and Chief People, Strategy and Climate Officer, Intact

National Priorities: Where Should Canada Go Next?

This final discussion of the day explored the opportunities and challenges to bringing about meaningful and sustainable change in Canada, and how clean growth can be achieved.

  • Chris Burn, Chancellor’s Professor, Department of Geography and Environmental Studies, Carleton University
  • Mark Hutchinson, Vice President, Green Building Programs and Innovation, Canada Green Building Council
  • Tracey Kutney, Deputy Director (Homes and Communities Division, Office of Energy Efficiency), Natural Resources Canada
  • Julius Lindsay, Director of Sustainable Communities, David Suzuki Foundation

2023 Recap

The 2023 Carleton Challenge Conference featured informative and thought-provoking conversations about the world’s mental health crisis. Click the button below to enjoy many of the day’s highlights.

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