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Tracey Kutney

Deputy Director (Homes and Communities Division, Office of Energy Efficiency), Natural Resources Canada


Tracey Kutney is an expert in renewable energy and electricity grid modernization with over 18 years of experience. Currently serving as the Deputy Director of the Homes and Communities Division in the Office of Energy Efficiency at Natural Resources Canada, Kutney is responsible for helping develop connections between energy efficiency policies, regulations and programs on a national scale in key priority areas like sustainable buildings, while linking these efforts to broader energy transition goals.

A professional engineer, Kutney has designed and developed federal government programs, served on the executive of technical committees at the International Energy Agency (IEA), and contributed to the development of International Electrotechnical Commission standards. Kutney currently serves as a director on the board of the Energy Systems Integration Group, a non-profit association working to educate the global energy sector and the public about the ongoing transformation of energy systems.