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Vivian Nguyen

Assistant Professor, Institute of Environmental and Interdisciplinary Science, Carleton University


Vivian Nguyen is an assistant professor at Carleton University and an expert on the mobilization and communication of scientific knowledge for decision-making, public policy and practice. An alumna of the highly competitive Mitacs Canadian Science Policy Fellowship program, Nguyen spent two years working in the Office of the Chief Scientist at Natural Resources Canada, where she experienced first-hand the challenges and opportunities governments face when it comes to policy integration on scientific and technological topics ranging from artificial intelligence to Indigenous sciences.

Nguyen is a researcher in Carleton’s Institute of Environmental and Interdisciplinary Science, cross-appointed to the Department of Biology and Department of Geography and Environmental Studies. She leads the university’s Social Ecology and Conservation Collaborative, where researchers are working to solve today’s environmental and societal challenges. Nguyen’s own work explores the intersections between science, society and policy within topics like conservation, environmental change, natural resource management and food insecurity. She is particularly focused on the human dimensions of environmental issues and how human perceptions and behaviours can lead to successful or unsuccessful policy initiatives, conservation practices and management strategies.