The 2023 Carleton Challenge Conference was full of inspirational, informative and thought-provoking conversation. Enjoy many of the day’s highlights in the video summaries below, starting with this event recap:


Kim Corace

Kim Corace stresses the need to prioritize further data collection and new health care approaches – such as centralized online access points and collaborative efforts that include government, industry, universities and the health care system.

Clara Hughes

At the conclusion of the day, six-time Olympic Medalist and mental health advocate Clara Hughes reflected on the importance of events like the Challenge Conference when it comes to opening up conversation, breaking down stigma, and motivating action around mental health.


Facilitated by Adrian Harewood, Associate Professor at Carleton University and former CBC News Anchor

The State of Mental Health

In this panel, experts discuss how the pandemic shed light on mental health issues that were already there – specifically among teens, youth and in the workplace. The panel also explores the challenges that many employees face today and strategies that companies and managers can take to better support them.

  • David S. Goldbloom, Psychiatric Consultant and Professor, University of Toronto
  • Erin Anderssen, Journalist and Feature Writer, The Globe and Mail
  • Janet Mantler, Professor, Organizational Psychology, Carleton University
  • Paul Mkandaŵire, Professor, Global Human Rights and Social Justice, Carleton University

Leadership as a Platform for Change

Leadership is how purpose translates to action, then change. In this panel, four leaders discuss how to support and transform mental health. Leaders must ask questions, listen, create a safe space and make hard choices to foster transformative change – and also take care of their own well-being.

  • Janice Charette, Clerk of the Privy Council and Secretary to the Cabinet of the Government of Canada
  • Benoit-Antoine Bacon, President and Vice-Chancellor, Carleton University
  • Mary Deacon, Chair and Founder, Bell Let’s Talk Mental Health Initiative

The Cost of Mental Health

Mental health remains significantly underfunded in both the private and public sectors. In this panel, experts make a strong case for increased support, clearly demonstrating the return on investment for mental illness prevention.

  • Claire de Oliveira, Senior Health Economist and Senior Scientist, Institute for Mental Health Policy Research, CAMH
  • Harriet Ekperigin, Vice President, Mental Health, GreenShield
  • Greg Fergus, MP, Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister and to the President of the Treasury Board
  • Kim Hellemans, Assistant Professor, Neuroscience, Carleton University

The Future of Mental Health – Planning a Better Tomorrow

What needs to change to build a better tomorrow? This expert panel unpacks new and emerging science and technological advances used to diagnose, treat and save lives. Panelists also explore the policies, technologies, research and training required to foster meaningful change.

  • Zachary Kaminsky, DIFD-Mach-Gaensslen Chair in Suicide Prevention Research, Institute of Mental Health Research, The Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre
  • Mary Bartram, Director of Policy, Mental Health Commission of Canada
  • Joanna Pozzulo, Director of the Mental Health and Well-being Research and Training Hub, Carleton University
  • Kathy Woods, Partner, National Lead, Future Ready Organization, Deloitte