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Maya Papineau

Associate Professor, Department of Economics, Carleton University


Maya Papineau is a national authority on the economics of climate change, energy efficiency policy, renewable energy and sustainable development. An associate professor in the Department of Economics at Carleton University, she is working at the intersection of environmental and energy economics, causal inference and program evaluation. Her research aims to identify the most effective and welfare-enhancing approaches for Canada to meet its climate targets.

Since 2011, Papineau has received over $1 million in grant funding in collaboration with researchers across several disciplines, including mechanical and environmental engineering, chemical engineering, architecture, and public policy. Regularly featured in the media as an expert commentator on topics like carbon tax exemptions and green housing, she holds a BA in Economics with Highest Honours from Carleton University, an MSc with Distinction in Environmental and Resource Economics from University College London (UK), and a PhD in Agricultural and Resource Economics from UC Berkeley.