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Cynthia Cruickshank

Director and Principal Investigator, Centre for Advanced Building Envelope Research


Cynthia Cruickshank is the principal investigator and director of the $5.1M Carleton University Centre for Advanced Building Envelope Research (CABER) – a new research facility and program focused on the advancement of residential and commercial building envelope materials and designs. Under her leadership, CABER researchers are developing new technologies to improve insulation and air-sealing, cutting heat loss in housing and buildings by 65% or more and reducing the cost associated with net-zero ready and deep energy retrofit construction.

A professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering at Carleton, Cruickshank is a recognized world leader in building energy systems and thermal storage. Her research focuses on the optimization of advanced building energy systems for high-performance buildings, including energy-efficient insulation materials, solar-assisted heat pumps and thermal storage. A regular collaborator with industry and government, Cruickshank has been a member of the Canadian Home Builders Association Technical Research Committee since 2010.