Date: Nov 25, 2020 04:00pm – 5:30pm

Location: online

Title: Transitioning from academia to the “outside” world: tips & tricks

Speaker: Roxana-Maria Barbu


We live in confusing times. Personal interaction and networking are hard for some of us as it is, and even harder virtually. We also live in an age where students pursuing higher education no longer do so for the sole purpose of staying in academia.

This talk is aimed at students who are pursuing a job outside of academia. We will start by acknowledging the transition is not easy. Then we will review tips and tricks that may help you make the transition from academia to industry if that’s what you intend. We will talk about:

(Select) fields where you can apply yourself

Skills that you can advertise and carry onward that you may not think of

How to start building your non-academic network

How to begin collecting non-academic references

Most importantly, you’ll make a new friend who just went through the transition and whom you can ask any questions that cross your mind, anonymously if you wish.


Having called the Institute of Cognitive Science “home” for the past 7 years, there’s no greater pleasure than coming home. Within Cognitive Science, I took full advantage of its offerings and dabbled in Linguistics (theoretical, clinical & applied), Cognitive Neuroscience, and Psychology, to name a few. This interdisciplinary passion carried into my day to day job as a cognitive data specialist where I tackle research questions from various lenses striving to provide comprehensive, unique, and data-driven insights. I am a sought-after public speaker and facilitator and have taught 4 undergraduate courses on topics centered around human cognition and research approaches.