The Department of Cognitive Science congratulates Suchanya Limpakom; Our Cognitive Science University Medal winner for the 2023 Fall Convocation.

In Suchanya’s own words:

I have always been interested in the human mind and how people think and perceive the world. At the same time, I am also highly interested in technology and linguistics. Cognitive science gives me freedom to explore subjects that I find meaningful, and the interdisciplinary nature of the field has helped me learn to approach challenges with a well-rounded mindset.

What I like about Carleton’s Cognitive Science program is its flexibility in terms of courses I can take. Additionally, smaller class sizes, especially in first-year seminars and upper-level cognitive science courses, allow the classes to be more discussion-focused. Finally, the highlight of the program was the honours thesis which allowed me to work closely with a faculty member and explore my interests in a more in-depth manner.

My interest in research has been an important aspect of my academic journey, and the Cognitive Science program has equipped me with the tools and skills I need to explore this field. Currently, my focus is on human-technology interactions, specifically in conveying information, such as educational technologies and improving user experiences. I plan to pursue graduate studies in a field relating to these interests. However, I intend to keep an open mind as I explore all the opportunities that are available to me.

Congratulations again from the entire Department of Cognitive Science