Department of Cognitive Science – Application Package Materials

This page provides information of what comprises a complete application package .

Apply online to start your application to either the M.Cog.Sc. or Ph.D. Program.

List of Faculty Supervisor

We encourage you to contact potential supervisors in advance of the application deadline to discuss the possibility of supervision, possible research projects, etc.

You must indicate up to three supervision choices on the Supervisor Preference section of your application. you may find the details on this link : List of Faculty Supervisor with research interests

Once your application is complete and the initial review has been completed, the professors you have selected will be reviewing your file during the admissions selection process.

A Supervisor may state that they are interested in supervising you or are interested in your research area, but final decisions cannot be made until your application has been approved for admission by the Institute of Cognitive Science Admission’s Committee and the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs.

If accepted into the program, the name of your supervisor will be indicated on your Statement of Admission.  Students will not be accepted into the program without a faculty member who has agreed to act as a supervisor.

Research Statement and CV Instructions (Supplementary Forms)

You have to submit a statement of research interests (1-2 pages)  and a Resume.

Referee Appraisal Forms

  • Two referee appraisal forms are required.
  • The referees who write your admission letters must have a doctorate degree.
  • Ensure that your thesis supervisor from your previous degree, writes one of your recommendation letters.
  • The Referee Appraisal form is automatically generated to your Referees.  Problems occur when the email addresses are incorrect, so double check to ensure you have entered the email address correctly.

Writing Sample

Writing Samples are required for admission consideration.  This is a sole author, academic paper that you feel demonstrates your writing and research potential.  Domestic Students must submit 1 writing sample and International Students must submit 2 writing samples which may be a conference paper, a term paper, or a portion of a thesis with a limit of 5-35 pages.

Official Transcripts

One unofficial transcript is required for each degree that you have obtained or any Universities you have attended.   This includes any Universities you may have attended on exchange or any online Universities that you may have attended as well.  All legends (grading scores) must be included.

For Non-English transcripts, we will require both the translated and original transcripts from your University.

If you are still completing your degree at the time of admission, you will have to submit an unofficial copy of your courses to date.

Should you be offered admission you will have to request an official transcript from all the Universities you have attended and the University will have to send it directly to the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs at Carleton University.  You cannot upload copies of official transcripts yourself.


If English is not your first language, even if you are a domestic student, proof is required to show your language proficiency in English. Read more about the proficiency language requirements.
The official scores from these tests can be sent from the Testing Office directly to the Faculty of Graduate and Post-Doctoral Affairs (FGPA), Institutional Code 0854 and Department Code 99. Please note that photocopies are not acceptable.   Test scores are only valid for two years.  Language proficiency must be demonstrated before you can be admitted.


What is a conditional admission?

A conditional admission means that you have been offered a space in the program, however official documentation has not been received.

Once the missing documentation is submitted, your application is reviewed again.  Should you still meet the admission requirements, your condition will be removed and you will be sent an official offer of admission and you will be able to register (once registration opens) for your classes.

I have uploaded an unofficial copy of my transcripts, why do I have to request another copy?

The official transcripts must be sent from your prior institution(s) for verification that your degrees have been conferred once you have been offered a space in one of our programs.

For transcripts to be deemed “Official”  the transcript has to state that your program requirements have been completed (if applicable), your thesis or research project grade must be indicated (if applicable) and the date that you have conferred your degree must be indicated (if applicable).
The official transcript has to be sent directly from each University you have attended to the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs at Carleton University.

I have had my University submit my official transcript and I have provided all the information.  Why isn’t my condition removed?

This would occur if your transcript just indicated “Program Requirements Completed or Met” but there is no mention of your degree being conferred.  If this is the case, the Faculty of Graduate Studies at your previous University, would have to submit a letter, stating that the program requirements have been met and it would have to indicate that date that your degree will be conferred.  The letter would have to be sent directly from your institution to the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs.

Still Have Questions?

Email the Graduate Administrator with any questions you may have.