M.Cog.Sc. Supervisory Committee Forms

Research/Project Stream

Students in the Research Stream have to have a Supervisory Committee. During the 1st three terms of your program, you should be meeting with your Research Project Supervisor(s) and creating a Supervisory Committee which will consist of your Research Project Supervisor or Co-Supervisors and a Second Reader for your Research Project.  Your Research Project Supervisory Committee will be there to assist you with your questions as you begin and continue throughout your Research Proposal Agreement, research and subsequent completion.  Once you have established your Supervisory Committee, fill out the Supervisory Committee Form and return to the Graduate Administrator in Room 2202A prior to registering in your Research Project.

Thesis Stream

Students in the Thesis Stream have to have a Supervisory Committee.  During the 1st three terms of your program, you should be meeting with your thesis supervisor and creating a Supervisory Committee who will be offering you support as you begin and continue throughout your Proposal Defense,Research and Thesis Defense. Once you have established your Supervisory Committee, fill out the M.Cog.Sc. Supervisory Committee Approval Form and return to the Graduate Administrator  by October 1st in your second year.

M.Cog.Sc. Research Project Stream

The Project Stream differs from the Thesis Stream as students do not have to defend a thesis.  Once you have decided on the Project Stream and before you complete an override to register in the Research Project, read the  M.Cog.Sc., Research Project Information and sign the Agreement Form (Page 2).  You will also have to fill out the Supervisory Committee Form – Research Project (see above).   These forms will then be deposited to the Graduate Administrator’s Office in Room 2202A.  Once the forms have been approved by the Graduate Supervisor, you will be able to register in the Research Project Stream.   The completed Research Project is due to your Research Project Supervisor(s) and your Second Reader on the last day of the exam period in the term that you are completing your program requirements in.

 M.Cog.Sc Proposal Meeting – Thesis Stream

After you have determined who will be on your Supervisory Committee and before beginning the thesis planning process, you should review the E-Thesis Submission information and the Thesis Policy.  Students and Thesis Supervisors should read the policy for the M.Cog.Sc. Thesis .

Students in Thesis Stream have to present their preliminary Thesis Research at a Proposal Defence. Your proposal meeting should take place by the end of October  in year two of your program.

Once you have met with your supervisor (s) and committee and determined a meeting time, you will submit the  M.Cog.Sci. Prospectus Defence Approval Form, 3 weeks ahead of the proposed date to Room 2202A DT.

This form is submitted when you have agreed on a tentative date with your supervisor(s) and committee member(s).

M.Cog.Sc. Thesis Defense  – Thesis Stream

When you have decided on a potential date and time with your Thesis Supervisor and committee, this would be the time that you would meet with the Graduate Administrator in Room 2202A, to go over the steps involved in planning your thesis defense.
When  your Thesis Supervisor has located an internal/external examiner for your defense and the date has been confirmed  5 weeks prior to your defense, you will be submitting the  Thesis Defense Examination Approval Form to the Graduate Administrator.
Once it is approved by the Graduate Supervisor, the Graduate Administrator will release the authorization of the upload of your Examination Copy.
You will receive an email stating that you can now upload your examination copy through Carleton Central..  The examination copy of your thesis has to be uploaded  3 weeks in advance of your Thesis Examination Date.
Your Supervisor(s)  and Director will sign off on your thesis electronically.
Once this has been done, the Examination Copy will be available for viewing by your committee members.
The Official Thesis Notice will then be sent to your committee members.
If any of the Committee Members (including the Internal/External ) would like hard copies of your thesis, the Graduate Administrator will notify you to bring her the required # of copies.
The Graduate Administrator then distributes the copies to the members who requested them.
Following the conclusion of your defense, the Chair will sign off electronically that the thesis defense has been completed.
Once any revisions (if required)  have been completed and the Graduate Administrator has been notified, the upload for your final copy will the authorized.
You will be able to upload the final thesis and complete the appropriate forms through Carleton Central .  Please review the procedures here.