Date: 27 September 2023 @3:00PM-04:00PM

Title: Modeling Cognition with Computational Architectures

Location: Online & DT 2203

Cognitive architectures are useful for the validation of new findings with prior, empirically supported theories of cognition and psychology. Additionally, they provide a roadmap for developing more human-like artificial intelligence. By modeling research on mental models, we can demonstrate consistency across multiple theoretical frameworks. By developing a methodology for modeling causal reasoning, we can begin to model idiosyncratic performance on causal reasoning tasks and provide a new avenue for AI research into interpretability and AI reasoning skills.

Speakers: Nico Turcas & Spencer Eckler – Cognitive Science PhD Candidates


Nico Turcas and Spencer Eckler are both PhD students in the department of Cognitive Science at Carleton University. Their research interests are in cognitive modeling through the use of computational cognitive architectures, particularly within the frameworks of ACT-R and the Common Model of Cognition.

Nico is interested in the mutual relationship of validating computational theories with experimental data, how humans construct and reason over mental models, and how individuals differ in microstrategy preferences.

Spencer’s research focuses on the development and validation of theories of causal reasoning, memory representation, and planning at the intersection of human and artificial intelligence.