The Centre for Studies on Poverty and Social Citizenship (CSPSC) supports the Carleton School of Social Work in generating critical and innovative knowledge about inequality and social exclusion that can be used to inform social work education, policy and practice.  We understand that poverty disproportionately impacts marginalized communities including, but not limited to racialized and Indigenous communities. CSPSC’s work is aimed at ensuring a basic standard of social justice, community engagement and social citizenship for all.  


The main objectives of the Centre include: 

  1. Primarily, to support and promote research conducted within the Carleton School of Social Work (SSW) relating to matters of poverty and social citizenship 
  2. To partner with external faculty, researchers and non-profits devoted to promoting poverty reduction and social citizenship through research and outreach activities including presentations, workshops, forums and other educational events  
  3. To provide research opportunities for social work students interested in poverty reduction and social citizenship by creating research assistant positions and/or by supporting SSW student research through student participation in conferences, workshops, and written/published work  
  4. To support new, ongoing and innovative research work in the Carleton School of Social Work (SSW)